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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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much more difficult thing to do, and yet that is quite
obviously the way to do it, just as surely as the other
is not the way to get the thing dorfe. You must not
act from impulse, as the ordinary person acts. Most
people act almost entirely on their impulses. They
cannot bear this and that; they do not understand
and they do not trouble to understand. They just
drive ahead and take it for granted. Not only would
it not be wise, it would not even be right for you who
are Theosophists to act in that way. You must bring
your reason to bear on the thing, you must use your
common sense, and in so doing you will find that
gradually, slowly, something higher than reason will
develop within you.  The intuition, buddhi, will
come, but it can come only if at first you work at the
reason as well as at the emotion.   Reason and
common sense you must have always.

You see how He emphasises this still further, on
the next page:

You must discriminate between the important and ihe
unimportant. Firm as a rock where right and wrong are
•concerned, yield always to others in things which do not

A very important thing. The things for which
ordinary people care most are nearly always precisely
the things which do not matter; you can afford to
let them have those in many cases. As I say, if you
are trying to get a piece of -work done, see what part
of that is the really important part, turn your mind